Hole In Hand - A Blender Video Course

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Sure, putting a hole in your hand seems simple. But it's not... like at all. Really you have 2 options:

(1) Cut a hole in your hand.

(2) Fake it with Motion Tracking, Shading, Compositing, Modeling, CleanPlate Generation...

This is a course for those interested in option (2). Those who want to create this effect in blender. Those who are beginners. Intermediates. Experts. I made sure that the course was recorded in a way that all skill levels could understand what's going on. This course is perfect for anyone looking to understand (along with some extra goodies) ;)

What's in this?

So... what will you get? Good question! What you are purchasing is a .zip file. In that .zip file you will find the 11 parts to this course (technically 13 when including the intro and the bonus video), the original footage I used, and a very convenient ReadMe file (it's pretty much a table of contents). Each video focuses on a specific topic, they're all files. Specifically you'll find:

[0] Introduction
[1] Processing The Footage
[2] Stabilization
[3] Generating The Cleanplate
[4] Hand Tracking
[5] Camera Alignment
[6] Modeling The Hole
[7] UV Unwrapping
[8] Shading Part 1
[9] Shading Part 2
[10] Making It Gross
[10.5] Bonus
[11] Compositing

(that's roughly )

More specifically we'll talk about how to recover the footage behind the hand, how to track the surface of the hand, how to create our 3D element and have it stick to the surface, how to make it look disgusting, and how to composite everything together (this is a over-simplification).

What do I need?

You mean besides this course? ;)

All you need is Blender. That's it. I use version 2.9 but these techniques apply to both older and newer versions of Blender.

Oh ya... I forgot to say... all this tracking is done without markers!

Thank you for reading and for those of you who decide to purchase: enjoy!

Also, here is the first part (the introduction) for you to preview:

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Hole In Hand - A Blender Video Course

13 ratings
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